Monday, May 14, 2012

Saving Costs in the U.S. Trademark Registration Process

Because of the complexities of the U.S. trademark registration system, many trademark owners from other countries, and their counsel, are reluctant to file national or international applications in the United States. One of the reasons often given is the higher cost of obtaining trademark protection in the United States due to the statutory requirements and the formalities that must be observed. It is frequently overlooked, however, that a U.S. trademark registration covers a largely monolingual (English), highly sophisticated market of over 310 million people.

There are opportunities for international applicants and their counsel to save money and time in the United States registration process. Here is a link to an article I have written, that was recently published by the World Patent and Trademark News, and distributed to over 9500 attendees at the International Trademark Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  Comments, especially from outside the United States, are especially welcome, as I am thinking into turning this into a longer, more detailed work.