Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ICANN to Reveal New Generic Top Level Domains Tomorrow

Just a brief update of what is going on with ICANN's plan to add new top level domains (in addition to .com, .net. org, .biz, etc).
  • ICANN has received over 1900 applications, generating in excess of $350 million in filing fees
  • ICANN will reveal the complete list of applications and applicants tomorrow (June 13, 2012), but in the meantime some of the applicants have disclosed their applications
  • There will be a process for lodging objections for concerns of trademark infringement or otherwise
After ICANN publishes the complete list of new gTLD applications, there will be a 60 day period in which anyone may file comments with ICANN concerning the applications.  There will also be an opportunity for third parties to file formal objections.
Once the list of applications is revealed, companies should review the list and determine if there are any proposed names that would infringe its trademarks or would otherwise be of concern.
More to follow after the complete list is revealed.