Thursday, December 12, 2013

Check Out the Providence Startup Map

Courtesy of the Founders League, we have the first iteration of the "Providence Startup Map."  While there are inevitable omissions, and it is not clear how the creators define a "startup," the map demonstrates the tremendous growth in startups in Rhode Island over the past few years.  Most of the companies appear to have been founded in the last 3 years, although some (like Andera) are longer in the tooth.

To quote from the Founders League announcement:

Just a few years ago, the landscape looked much different, with far fewer companies and entrepreneurs calling Rhode Island home. Several entrepreneurship support programs have also emerged, showing a growing optimism that our progress is sustainable and that we are just at the beginning of our startup revolution.

No one person or organization is responsible for the growth reflected on this map. The startup community is building momentum because many among us are rowing in the same direction and contributing in important ways.

Here's to lots more rowing and contributing over the next few years!!!

Please report any omissions to: info (AT) foundersleague (DOT) co