Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Introducing Italian Technology and Gaming Attorney Giulio Coraggio

I am pleased to introduce Giulio Coraggio, an Italian attorney in DLA Piper's Milan office, who specializes in gaming law, Internet law and technology law issues, and who writes a blog called "GamingTechLAW" (subtitled: "The Blog on Gaming and Technology Law and Whatever Sounds Interesting").

Giulio has written a series of articles for his blog dealing with the legal issues with clauses in outsourcing agreements.  In particular, recently he has written a post on the importance of Intellectual Property clauses that anyone who negotiates or reviews outsourcing agreements should read.

Even though Giulio writes from an Italian law perspective, his advice also is sound for those of us who draft and negotiate these clauses in the United States.  It is interesting that, despite differences in the common law and civil law legal systems, the provisions in these agreements address practically all of the same concepts and issues.

If you enjoy the post on intellectual property clauses, here are links to the other posts in the series so far:

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